Modi Turns Madonna!!


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— Shabab Khan

It was pop king Michael Jackson who whenever stayed in a hotel’s luxury suite, he left his memory all around his suite. His autographs could be seen even on his own piece of shit. Bedsheet, Pillowcover, window pane, sheer curtain toilet paper. These things were auctioned online and pay in million. Jackson, Madonna, SRK, MSD, Sachin are celebrities, whereas modi is an elected member of BJP.

I remember when my daughter was two years old she got a permanent blue marker, and within an hour she drawn random geometric figures nobody could understand. Walls, table, sofa cover, her own face, hands, foot and she didn’t spare her white golden dress. She did it all and when she found me smiling she exposed her belly, she had random lines and figures.

This is what our over excited prime minister is into since the day he swore. Remember Nathuram Godse’s Statue, his mandir; a man whose name is not spoken in parliament is ideal of our prime minister, who wants a mandir (Gandhi has none).

This PM, when presented a tricolor by a special child scribbled his autograph on tricolor or attempted to make a tricolor, the girl had cleared picture of tricolor in her mind, to her she had made an Indian Flag.

The government has termed as “mischievous and false” reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had autographed the Tricolour during a reception in the United States.


Tu hi Dil, Tu hi Jaan, Tu Jahan, Tu Dilruban, Mehboob, Hamqadam, Hamnava bhi tu hi…

NEW DELHI: A disable girl in US makes a tricolor by using her toe, she gave it to Modi, who thinks he is far above than tricolor, and did not hesitate in spiraling his pen on tricolor the NRI girl has made.

The government has termed as “mischievous and false” reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had autographed the Tricolour during a reception in the United States. The PM had signed on a painting of the Indian flag done by a differently-abled child with her toes but it did not meet the requisites of the Tricolour, the government said.

“The flag autographed by PM was a design made by an enthusiastic child with unique abilities. It is not the Tricolour,” government spokesperson Frank Noronha said. Government sources said the child from the Smile Foundation did not have hands and the flag she painted though resembled the Tricolour did not have the entire pre requisites to be termed the same and hence did not fall under the purview of the flag code.

The clarification was needed after the social media was set alight by claims that Modi had signed on the Tricolour presented by celebrated chéf Vikas Khanna and the latter was to present the same to US President Barack Obama. It was also said that the flag was confiscated by Indian authorities accompanying the PM.

Noronha dismissed the reports as mischievous and false, saying the flag was never seized but the government tied itself in knots by first saying that the flag did not have the Ashok Chakra or the white band, but later modifying the statement after pictures indicated that it resembled the Tricolour.

Khanna wrote on Twitter: “It was Make in India insignia with Ashoka Chakra gears hand painted by Smile Foundation children. Not the National Flag.” Khanna works closely with physically challenged children of the Smile Foundation.” PM Narendra Modi’s gesture is a mark of appreciation and aimed at encouraging the child with unique abilities,” Noronha said.

Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, classifies “putting any kind of inscription” upon the Indian National Flag as disrespect to it. The Flag Code of India says, “lettering of any kind shall not been upon the flag”, categorising the contrary as a “misuse”.

Joining the controversy, the Congress said that like all citizens, Modi should take care not to show any kind of disrespect to the National Flag. “However high you may be, the National Flag is above you, you should understand this”, AICC chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said.The BJP made light of the entire matter. “Where no controversy exists, the Congressis raking up a non-issue,” GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson, told TNN.

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