Was Mukesh (Delhi Bus Rapist) Right?

Tragic News:


On Dussehra,14-year-old raped, killed, buried. Fearing she would identify them, the four accused hit her with stones and rods, then strangled her: Police

— Shabab Khan

Sonipat (Haryana): Family members and villagers with the body of the girl. A 14-year-old girl was allegedly abducted, raped and brutally murdered by four men in a village in Haryana’s Sonepat district.

The incident took place on Thursday night when the girl was on her way back home to Janti village, after visiting a Dussehra fair at Ashok Vihar along with her family members. All the four accused have been arrested.

”The girl was with her cousin, who was riding a cycle. Four people, who had come in an auto rickshaw, hit her cousin on the head with an iron rod and abducted the girl. They took her to a secluded place in Nangal village, 10 kilometres away, and took turns to rape her,” said Station House Officer Dheeraj, from Kundli police station in Sonepat.

They killed her as they were scared she would reveal their identities,” he said. One of the accused, Sandeep, was known to the girl’s family, said the police.

They told the police that he was in the auto rickshaw with the other accused when the girl appeared to them.

“We started a massive search operation and arrested all four in the early hours of Friday. During questioning, it was revealed that they had killed the girl and buried her body,” said a police officer. Sandeep already has a police record, said the officer, adding that the other accused have been identified as Nitin, Parveen and Madan. The accused allegedly took the police to the spot where they had buried the girl’s body.“ At 10 am, we recovered the body at Nangal village. The girl was strangulated and had several injuries on her face. She had been hit with a rod as well as stones,” said the police officer.

The police initially registered a case under sections 365 (kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine a person) and 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code, and later added charges of murder and rape in the FIR.

But the girl’s father accused the police of responding late to the family’s call for help, claiming that the policemen arrived nearly an hour after the family alerted the police about the girl’s abduction. “We described our ordeal to thep police and named Sandeep, who was in the autorickshaw. Sandeep had earlier been arrested and the police knew about it. They arrested the four accused by Friday morning, “ he said.

Recounting the incident, he said, “We had gone to Ashok Vihar to watch the Ramlila. On our way back, by the time we got a bus at Azadpur Mandi, it was quite late. We were dropped at the Sindu border at about 10.40 pm. There was no transport to take us back home, so we walked”.

He added that though the family had noticed an autorickshaw, which had been following them initially before overtaking them, they didn’t think much about it.

“My nephew had a bicycle. My daughter sat on it and they went ahead. Later, my nephew called me up and told me that he had been attacked and my daughter has been abducted,” he said.

As police and victim’s family are pounding on a terrible point again and again, that is, “they killed her for they were afraid of had the victim identify them (accused) leading enforcement agencies to reach them for ultimate retribution.” …it rings the bell as I recall what Mukesh Singh had said during the interview recorded by a British documentary maker, that is, “the severe sentence (death) I am given to will force the future-rapists to ensure that their victim is dead as a safety measure for possible identification.”

How true the Delhi rapist was and how stupid our law enforcement agencies are, despite plague of rapes they never realized that should go for psychological, neurological study of rapist’s mindset. They must consider what Mukesh Singh had said in that interview, which was being taken by a female British film maker for a proposed documentary “India’s Daughter ” that was the ultimate mindset of a typical chauvinist Indian Male, who has been given unlimited access to Internet. Now he does not require a CD Player, a tv set in a private room. Just a few clicks and all the bared chest chicks are poured on him, isn’t it enough to charge a male with testosterone? Its also goddamn nature which makes a man go for polygamy, we need to accept it.

Hang till death is not enough for Mukesh… Chinese Lingchi execution, in which subject is kept awake as flesh of his body is cut off slowly and methodically for the best pain might be final solution for testosterone charged men.

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