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Delhi Edition | Column | Nation|Oct 21,2015

See !! Who is talking about Nation Building. Is he running our government, or just a God Father of Prime Minister.. ?

— Shabab Khan

New Delhi: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has flagged curbing population growth through a new policy that rises “above vote bank politics to formulate a holistic approach, equally applicable to all citizens” as the next policy direction for the government.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, in Nagpur, marking the 90th anniversary of the RSS, was generally appreciative of the central government and its policies, especially launch of the Mudra Bank, the Jan-Dhan Yojna, the scheme for voluntary surrender of cooking gas subsidy (and, the bug in mobile app you use to book LPG, the option Surrender Your Subsidy is automatically selected if you did something wrong and touch ❌or  🔙 in order to undo, beware) the Swachh Bharat initiative and skill development.


Lauding the government for its foreign policy, Bhagwat said: “All developing nations are looking forward to Bharat’s leadership, to emancipate them from the undesirable influence of the so-called world powers … It seems the world is being introduced to a new, modern Bharat. The world is experiencing a Bharat full of self-respect and self-confidence, maintaining the traditional view of goodwill towards all but, at the same time, unhesitatingly taking a stand in very clear terms, in international diplomacy whenever national interests are involved, and giving a helping hand to nations in distress anywhere in the world.

“Hostilities by Pakistan, expansionism from China, rising fundamentalism and chauvinism in the world order, and unfair international diplomacy, resulting in the rise of terrorist outfits such as the ISIS are acting as a catalyst to the already complicated and serious internal and external security of our country. Fostered by external powers and inspired by external ideologies, some people from within are walking the path of terrorism. It goes without saying that it is the government’s responsibility to come out with a comprehensive and firm policy, to root out all such problems once and for all.
imageWhat else would they teach this little kid other than polarization.

Bhagwat made light of the challenges of caste and minority fears. “Small episodes happen. They are exaggerated and presented in a big way… but it does not distort Indian culture, Hindu culture. Since time immemorial, it respects diversity, coordinates among diversities to establish unity… That is Hindutva,” he said.

Lauding the Modi government, he said: “The atmosphere of disappointment and lost faith that existed a couple of years ago has evaporated. An atmosphere of expectations has come to the fore, generating a sense of optimism that such expectations shall be fulfilled. Now, there is confidence that things are moving. It is this confidence that has increased people’s expectations.” He said the government had inherited an economy in the dumps and had succeeded in addressing this issue.

Society, he said, should be “patient” about results. The RSS chief advised the government to address the concerns of farmers and labourers and pay more attention to cottage, small-scale and medium enterprises. This sector, he said, would be the basis of a self-reliant India.

He cautioned the government against a few tendencies. “We must come out of the ‘saheb is always right ( saheb wakyam pramanam ) mentality,” he said, asking Indians to follow their own model of development. He was appreciative of the NITI Aayog’s new role, saying policies relating to population growth were paramount.
You can not make us believe you just like that.

“It must be discussed whether population is a boon or bane… whether the current systems and resources would be adequate to provide employment and basic amenities to masses after 50 years from now. How much manpower would be required to run our systems effectively? Quiet often, it becomes the mother’s responsibility to bring up children and inculcate values in them. Therefore, diet, health care, self-respect, empowerment, enlightenment, opportunities and freedom to make use of those opportunities by our mothers need to be ensured by our system,” he said.

Are our systems tune to that?

People responsible to one of the biggest genocides in India’s territory is talking about Nation building.

What is our anticipation regarding the condition of our environment after 50 years? Facts and figures in the past two census reports and the imbalances that have come to notice as a result are being widely discussed. Our present and future is being impacted by that. We need to rise above vote bank politics to formulate a holistic approach, equally applicable to all citizens, towards the population policy,” he said. Governments alone couldn’t be expected to enforce such policies and change ways of thinking, he said, referring to the practice among Jains of fasting to death. To bring about changes in such matters without consulting the Acharyas of the respective sects about the reason, importance and philosophy behind such practices will affect social cohesion and harmony and finally harm the nation, he said.

Bhagwat was so eloquent that he had almost forgotten that whole world’s media and their respective viewer were wondering “how could Bhagwat outspoke like this? Was he trying to clarify that Modi is nothing more than a toothless puppet controlled by RSS, an NGO.

Ridiculously, he also flagged reform in electoral practices, administration, tax systems, public health systems, and industrial, educational and agricultural policies to make them more effective and people-oriented”.

Bhagwat recalled the contribution of B R Ambedkar in fighting social inequality. Earlier this year, the RSS had marked 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar. He also remembered former president APJ Abdul Kalam as a “great soul”. This year, he said, marked the 1,000th year of the coronation of Rajendra Chola, who established good governance in India and expanded the influence of the “Bharatiya culture” to South East Asia. Bhagwat also remembered Bhakti saint Ramanujacharya and Shaiva philosopher Abhinav Gupt of Jammu & Kashmir, both of whose 1000th birth anniversaries are be celebrated this year.

(Author is an Export Entrepreneur, Journalist, and Social Activist

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