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—by Shabab Khan …

Poor Justin Bieber just can’t get escape the eye of the paparazzi, having been spotted naked in Bora Bora. But there are places where you can let it all hang out without any judgement. And maybe, just maybe, the next exotic vacation he takes is when people Respect Justins Privacy.

. . . there are plenty of beaches to make you soak into juicey nudity.
All Justin Beiber wanted was a place where he could frolick around naked without anyone invading his privacy. Too bad he did so in Bora Bora, a place not known as one of the top places where nudists can run freely without judgement. If you’re all about it, here are the five global destinations that make it easy for those that prefer full-body tans. Paparazzi not welcome!

1. Scandinavia: If only Justin headed over to Scandinavia, no one would have looked twice. Sweden is home to over 70 nudist beaches and Norway offers over 20. Long considered to be the world’s most open-minded region when it comes to nudism, it is legal to swim or sunbathe completely in the nude. Tour operators also provide great deals to Oslo, Norway pretty frequently, sometimes in the mid $200’s for a roundtrip ticket from New York.

2. San Francisco, California: Ever dreamt of racing butt-naked along with colorful costumed runners and a man dressed in a pink gorilla suit? Well, if you never had that dream, you now know that it exists! The Bay to Breakers 12K race usually takes place in May and draws tens of thousands of participants. Although public nudity in the race is technically not allowed, diehard fans have ensured to maintain the tradition. If the whole racing thing isn’t your jive, you can also head out to Baker’s Beach, which arguably provides you the best spot to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. It also happens to be the largest urban nude beach in San Fran and attracts the largest number of crowds.

3. Praia do Pinho, Brazil: Located just outside Florianopolis, Praia do Pinho is a difficult beach to reach if you don’t have your own car. However, for those wanting to enjoy a beach where nudism is not just encouraged but mandatory, this the go-to spot. If anyone is shy to leave any clothes on, there is a special “textile-beach” on the other side of the shore for them to hang out at while their friends enjoy the glory of a private clean beach surrounded by mountains, forests, and many, many nude people.
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4. Cancun, Mexico: Want to do something adventurous while still enjoying the comfort of all-inclusive resorts? Then Cancun is the spot for you. Anxiety for strutting in the buff melts away quickly with the pampering of great staff, amazing food and plenty of drinks in any of the area’s well-known nudist beach resorts. Among the most well-known spots are Hidden Beach Resort & Temptation Resort Spa Cancun!

5. Pssco County, Florida:,Florida, you say? Yup, Pasco County, Florida, has been named nudist capital of the United States. Pasco is 20 miles north of Tampa and boasts hundreds of acres of nudist resorts (like Caliente Resort and Spa) and campgrounds here cater to the European tourists seeking relaxation from standing in lines all day at the area’s many theme parks. Pasco County is also home to an upscale nudist community living in half-million dollar homes, clothing-free clubhouses and waterfall-lagoon type pools there are perfect for a good ol’ skinny dip.
. . . Russian Nudists. Do not take their way of living otherwise; if our Babas can stay nude i.e. Naga Baba, we should not ridicule western nudism.

(Author is an Export Entrepreneur, Journalist, and Social Activist)

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