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Why Pederasty: A Woman Merely has two Vaginas.

Homosexuality in ancient Rome features in many literary works, poems, graffiti and comments on the sexual predilections of single emperors. Graphic representations are, on the other hand, rarer in ancient Rome than in classical Greece. Attitudes toward homosexuality changed over … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Streets of Shame!

A Street Kid is sleeping with a trucker in Peshawar. — Shabab Khan Pakistan is a strategically important Muslim nation. It’s a democracy and a nuclear power, that’s allied to the West in the war against terror. But Pakistan is … Continue reading

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Child Abuse: Harsher Punishment is Required

— Shabab Khan As incidents of child abuse across the country witnessed an alarming 151 per cent jump in the last five years, the Supreme Court on Monday asked Parliament to consider amending penal provisions for awarding harsher punishment to … Continue reading

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A Wahabi And A Sunni Muslim!

Since the beginning the Wahhabists are breaking Islam from the inside. The Founder, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab help Ibnu Saud with British weapons to rebel against the Ottoman Turk Islamic Empire. After that Turkey is weakening and the Palestine which … Continue reading

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Voyeuristic Pleasure turned Bitter!

“True story of a woman journalist who had been abused by a voyeuristic stalker. PK Prakurti —a braveheart, who chased her offender in a busy Bangalore market. Offender, who took a photo of hers while she was on shopping. Bravo.” … Continue reading

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Five Journalists Down, Several Attacked, Implicated (A Report by AIRA)

A SURVEY BY ALL INDIA REPORTERS’ ASSOCIATION —by Shabab Khan As we have just thrown the year 2015 into the history-bin India stands today at an awkward position having lost five journalists to assailants, which is higher than the death … Continue reading

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