Vibrant Number 1

People due to their date of birth follow some traits, characteristics of the number they are born under. One can obtain this by making easy calculations by adding up the numbers appearing in their date of birth. People born on 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th, in any month comes under number one of numerology chart. Their ruling planet is Sun.

They are the ones who have the most individualistic approach. They are vibrant people who believe in originality and acquire immense strength. They are highly ambitious in temperament equipped with exceptional, outstanding leadership qualities, with inbuilt will power ruling their head. They are charge with enthusiasm and drives to fulfill their task they take in their hand have foundations making them goal oriented. These people are full of courage, determination and believe to follow their own convictions that make them a leader. They have a flair for creativity. Being inventive, always pioneer, have an absolute unparallel accession to solve problems and deal with troubles.


Number 1 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of new beginnings, creation, independence, uniqueness, motivation, striving forward and progress, ambition and will power, positivity and positiveness. Number 1 also resonates with the energies of pioneering, raw energy, force, activity, self-leadership and assertiveness, initiative, instinct and intuition.

Number 1 carries the energies of the masculine attributes, organization, achievement and success, strength and self-reliance, tenacity, forcefulness and authority, and love. Number 1 also resonates with inspiration, attainment, glory, happiness, fame, fulfilment and omniscience, assertive, ambitious, successful, self, independent, leadership, originality, initiative, organizer, instinct, love, intuition, courageous achiever, strength, creativity, self-reliance, tenacious, forceful, authoritive, inspirational, strong willpower, lenient, attainment, happiness, glory, fame, unique, omniscience, fulfilment, unity, the divine presence, thesis, opportunity, will and focused consciousness, ability to use personal resources.

Number 1 encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and reminds us that we create our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Relates to:
The Sun Tarot card
The Magician Tarot card
Day of the week: Sunday
Colours: Red and Yellow

Clear self-identity and values, resolute, desires action, seeks new paths, takes on duties and responsibilities.

Negative Traits:
Negatively, number 1 relates to single-mindedness, intolerance, conceit, narrow-mindedness, lacking in emotion and being weak-willed, dependence, passivity, aggression, arrogance and dominance. self-satisfied, inconsiderate, stubbornness, single-minded, intolerant, conceited, narrow-minded, stubborn, controlling, lacking in emotion, passive, follower, aggressive, dependent, weak-willed, arrogance, being overly dominant.

The need of 1 is to learn to stand on their own feet and develop independence. The number 1 is considered is masculine and introverted. The ruling planet of the number 1 is the Sun, and it is related to the star sign Aries. The Magician Tarot card is representative of the number 1.

1 being the number of ‘new’ is the number from which all manifestation begins. It is the energy that begins all actions and leads the way in new directions. New ideas, new projects and the desire for expansion all allow the number 1 to go forth with courage, originality and decisiveness.

Many opportunities are presented for the 1 energy,as they see a need to open up to the ‘new’ in all ways. This vibration is very independent and will do things their own way. A set routine or pattern is not comfortable for a person with the 1 vibration, as they see new ways of accomplishing tasks, and needs the opportunity to analyze their system.

The 1 energy has many talents and this is expressed in many ways. If the 1 energy does not live up to the full potential of their leadership, they may become a timid and shy person because of their lack of self-confidence. They may also find that there will sometimes be a holding back of opinions and ideas because of this.

The 1 energy appreciates relationships in both business and marriage, as they need the social contact of others. In relationships the person with the 1 vibration is a good companion, but needs the support of their partner. In marriage they are extremely loyal, but not particularly romantic. To the 1 energy, deeds rather than words show love. The love-filled creative flow of the 1 vibration, coupled with the need to help all humanity, allows for compassion and warmth, which softens the energy of the 1. 1 is a natural leader who needs love and affection in the domestic arena, as they see this as support.

The 1 vibration needs to be aware of others as they are sensitive, and have a keen perception and clear insights. At times, the 1 vibration’s strong convictions can become a barrier in their relationships with others.

The 1 energy must learn that life does not unfold all at once, but rather, they must find their true being, and have patience until unfoldment.

On the lower plane, the 1 energy may function as a person with aggressive self-will and egotism. To the extreme, they may become a braggart. They can become controlling and appear lacking in emotion.

1 fears being over-looked and they have a strong desire to always be ‘Number 1’. They are critical of themselves, and as a result, can be critical of others. They usually have issues with their self-esteem – they just don’t believe that they are good enough. Because of this, they need praise from others. If you believe in them then there is nothing they can’t achieve. If you don’t, they have a tendency to rebel. 1 will not tolerate laziness from the people they choose to spend their time with, and they are people who don’t like to ask for help from others.

On the higher plane, the 1 energy will express themselves through honesty and integrity. When a person under the 1 energy has won a personal victory, their happiness is evident as their faces radiate with pure joy.

The 1 energy is respected and looked up to as they have great self-respect and are aware that this demands respect from others. A natural leader, the 1 person is assertive, daring, ambitious, and at times, a risk-taker. 1s are likely to be successful at anything they put their mind to. Multi-tasking is something they tend to be very good at, and keeping busy is important to them.

When used in a leadership capacity, the 1 energy has many talents and skills. They are never satisfied working for others, so therefore need a good education to enable them to take control of their own lives.

The 1 energy never knows defeat, and those who are under the influence of the number 1 have learned that the only failure is in ceasing to try. The 1 vibration person has a deep-seated desire to maintain their goals, individuality and independence.

The 1 energy person needs to acknowledge their own positive attributes and to understand who they are in essence, for they are to become ‘trailblazers’. They must learn to visualize, and to do many untried actions on the material level. They need to learn to anticipate positive results through trial and error – they must learn that life unfold slowly, and to stand on their own two feet and develop independence.
The number 1 symbolizes the principle of beginning or initiation. It signifies that a person must learn to be assertive and achieve recognition for their talents. Therefore, the number 1 is ambitious and is an achiever, and fares best when they are allowed to demonstrate their own ideas. They are self-sufficient, inventive, wilful and dominant, focused and rational.

The Ruler: The Sun
1’s is considered as the ‘primal generator’.
Powerful, individualistic, creative 1’s are forceful but not obstinate.
1’s are outgoing, courageous and willing to try out new ideas.
1’s must not repress their vital energies.

Supreme egotists, 1’s should balance their sense of superiority with a sense of humour.

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