Cooking is a Kinda Political Science !!

ruby rai
Bihar Board’s Art Topper Ruby Rai with her parents.

—Written by: Shabab Khan Updated on 29-June-2016 06:00

The title I gave to this funny as well as tragic story will tickle you and hurt you as a true nationalist, you will feel sorry for the system where real talent gets evaporated. And, bullshit whose parents can pay well gets result much better than those who waste their time, studying on each and every chapter of each and every subject only to realize what they did is called— CWOT (Complete Wastage of Time) in Bihar.

Yes, in this mineral rich eastern state of Bihar all types of unthinkable scandals have been taken place, this state has no law and order, Mafia runs his extortion business from his 8×9′ cell in Patna jail. This state is also known for its people who just love to keep moving from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi to Punjab to Mumbai, I believe if Nasa ever finds life on some planet they will definitely find a basti of Bihari immigrants over there.

World admits the fact that Indian well trained mind can set record if given a right direction to move on, if the student knows what is his/her objective or why is he studying for. One who wants to move ahead smilingly, ready to face next challenge in order to beat the target. In my opinion a promising candidate must have basic attribute, and that is— Honesty.

Not like Ruby Rai who tops the BSEB (Bihar Secondary Education Board) exam in Arts stream, she secured 444 out of 500 marks, she was happy to find her name on the top of merit list. It was her dream to do unthinkable. The week followed was too busy in signing autographs, giving poses with former toppers, delivering speeches on women empowerment and education. Her school, with the permission of her parents, fix a gigantic poster of Rai. It was not less than what a popular celebrity gets, the gifts, congratulations, mithai and mass of media persons to present her as a victor on their respective channels.

And when Ruby Rai appeared on screen, her parents, relatives, friends applauded. Guys who did not clap were her classmates, benchmates as they knew how Rai was devoted to her studies even without attending her class properly. And the truth came out to haunt her parents and tickle her jealous neighbours.

In an interview she had told the shrewd journalist that Cooking comes in Political Science. This interview rang the bell, and started the sting operation by a TV News Channel, they recorded video clips of BSEB head and her wife, Secretary, Principals, Teachers, government officials and found the real bullshit. Telecast started the investigation ordered by CM Nitish Kumar. They found corruption from top to bottom. 20 officials have been detained.

And, Ruby was asked to appear for a brief re-test in order to ensure her credibility. She didn’t appear on two occasions. Finally when she arrived, she was asked the same questions, but this time a panel of six educationalists were sitting in front of her. Panel was wondering how this girl can zoom to top position if she doesn’t know the difference between Political Science and Home Science.

Consequently Bihar Board cancelled her result and declared her detention in class 12th. As well as Police immediately arrested her as soon as panel thrown her 444/500 in dust bin, she has been sent to jail in judicial custody.

“Hum dehaat ki ladki hain, humko nahi pata hum kaise top kar gaye (I am a village girl. I don’t know how I topped the examination),” Rai, a student of VR College in Vaishali district, was quoted by police as saying during the interrogation. Sources said Rai told the police that her college principal Bachcha Roy, the alleged scam kingpin, was distantly related to her. However, she said she never had any direct contact with him. She did not rule out the possibility that her father interacted with Roy, said a source.

Well done Ruby. Congratulations. You are the one who made the entire rotten-educational system to reset.

Photo Credit: IBN7

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