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Paranormal Activist Found Dead, Mysteriously

A Pilot turned Ghost Buster dies after letting his wife know about some unidentify negative energy. Continue reading

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Cow’s Gall Bladder can Solve All Our Problems!

No, its not me who senselessly claims the booty in urine, whats the difference among human’s, lion’s, dolphin’s pee and Cow’s urine? Well, an Indian state of Gujarat produces Ninjas (who can use a swords), Flame Thrower (who can burn … Continue reading

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दाग़ी पत्रकार-सम्पादक ज़ी न्यूज़ के सुधीर चौधरी को सुप्रीम कोर्ट का हाई वोल्टेज झटका

After Fake Sting to Expose Sex Traffiking Against Usha Khanna on Live India next comes Jindal. सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने ज न्यूज़ के विवादित सम्पादक सुधीर चौधरीऔर उनके साथी समीर अहलूवालिया को शुक्रवार को बड़ा झटका देते हुए कहा कि उन्हें … Continue reading

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NEWS: Eidgah Attacked Near Dhaka

​ Written by Shabab Khan| Updated: 07-July-2016| Twitter: @khantastix A police constable was killed in a bomb attack near the country’s largest Eid congregation in Sholakia, Kishoreganj, on Thursday. News agency AFP confirmed the death of the policeman, quoting the … Continue reading

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How to Handle Mutilated Notes?

Rs. 50 can become worthless if it has been torn more than 50pc. Torn notes are not a problem when it comes to a game of monopoly. But in real life a torn note is bad news. There is a … Continue reading

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