NEWS: Eidgah Attacked Near Dhaka

Written by Shabab Khan| Updated: 07-July-2016| Twitter: @khantastix

A police constable was killed in a bomb attack near the country’s largest Eid congregation in Sholakia, Kishoreganj, on Thursday. News agency AFP confirmed the death of the policeman, quoting the police on the spot.

Somoy TV said an unidentified attacker was also killed in the incident that left 10 more, mostly police personnel, injured.TV channels covering the congregation named the dead policeman as Zahirul.The explosion took place in an area within one kilometre range of the Sholakia Eidgah Maidan at about 9:20am about an hour before the Eid prayers, according to the TV reports.The injured people were sent to Myemensingh Medical College Hospital.

Source: Pol Afibash

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