Cow’s Gall Bladder can Solve All Our Problems!

No, its not me who senselessly claims the booty in urine, whats the difference among human’s, lion’s, dolphin’s pee and Cow’s urine? Well, an Indian state of Gujarat produces Ninjas (who can use a swords), Flame Thrower (who can burn anybody within the range; women and kids are favourites) and Serial Rapists (Gujarats produce rapists specially for 7-8 months old pregnent women, rape a 7-8 years old girl). You all must have seen this live on television in 2002. The credits go to, then CM of Gujarat, that credit was heavy enough to make the Chief Minister… next Prime Minister of this nation, since then his stupidity is making the Nation fall into debate that ‘are we those people who let the mass murderer wins the power seat, to whom Chief Justice of Supreme court said, ‘you are like modern day Nero who looks at the other side where helpless children and women were burnt.’

Well, if all these things happen in Gujarat, then you can provide a barrel of cow’s urine to your nearest goldsmith to make a beautiful gleamy necklace.

You can watch the video that will support whatever I have said above. Narendra Modi is a Mass Murderer, a fact every house fly and mosquitoes of India know. But these brutal murderer left no witness, proofs. Its quite easy if the state’s whole machinery is working for you.

Written by Shabab Khan| Updated: 07-July-2016| Twitter: @khantastix

This could be the breakthrough our great nation has been waiting for. The solution to the countless problems ailing this country could lie in the pasturelands of Gir in Gujarat, where cows are found to have gold in their urine.Yes, you heard it right the first time: Scientists have found gold in the urine of cows in Gir, Gujarat.

Scientists at the Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU), who analysed of urine samples of 400 Gir cows, found traces of gold ranging from three mg to 10 mg from one litre urine, our Junagarh reporter reported today. The precious metal was reportedly found in ionic form, which is gold salts soluble in water. “Till now, we have heard about presence of gold in cow urine from our ancient scriptures and its medicinal properties. Since there was nodetailed scientific analysis to prove this, we decided to undertake a research on cow urine. We analyzed 400 samples of Gir cow urine and found traces of gold,” B.A. Golakia, head of the biotechnology department at JAU, told our representative.

Golakia told the press that out of 5,100 compounds found in urine of cows in Gir, 388 have immense medicinal value that can cure several ailments.

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