The Killer Driver


√ Six out of Eleven members of a family drowned
√ Innova Crashed in a Stream
√ Driver Took Fatal Risk
√ Driver Abandoned Sinking Vehicle; Absconding

Huge Crowd of Mourners at Victims Place in Diwanganj.
—Shabab Khan| Friday, 19th August 2016| Varanasi

Varanasi: Eleven members of Diwanganj, (Adampur PS) had planned a Religious tour and picnic at Chunar based Mazar and then, to have extra fun at a scenic waterfall nearby, made their minds to enjoy the drizzling of this year’s rich-monsoon. They hired a Tata Innova SUV from a neighborhood travel agency. When they left Varanasi a young 23 years old driver was handling the SUV.

The stage had been all set.

During return journey to Varanasi driver seemed to have some urgency as he was driving fast and rashly. It was unbearable for him to stay passive when he found a railway crossing on red, other drivers were waiting for train to pass, he decided to use a bypass road which is run under the railway track and connects the bypass to main road on the other side of railway line, however passengers, villagers asked him to use the usual way. He denied.

Halfway, when he saw road underwater he guess the depth not more than few inches. He was wrong, road ahead had washed away in heavy rain, he leads the vehicle and its passengers into a stream, which was powerful enough to push the car into deep water, but he evacuated the car and fled, leaving six to drown to death. A 65 years old, 26 years old men, four and five years old girls with mother and aunt drowned. Five were rescued by villagers, who are being treated in SSL, Varanasi.

Whole area is mourning at victims’ home. Driver and Car Owner are absconding. Police raids are on to nab the responsible.

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