Who the hell is this Shabab Khan?

Shabab Khan:

shabab khan
(Partner and Chief Operating Officer at GS Exports Limited)

• An MBA with the specilization in International Business and Finance.
• A Science Graduate from Allahabad University and a product of St. Joseph’s College Allahabad.

• A Post Graduation degree, besides MBA, is in Computer Science with specialization in programming languages i.e. C, C++, C#, VC, VB. Expertise in RDBMS i.e. MS SQL, Oracle, Access.

• Having done diploma in computer Hardware and Networking with command over Unix, Window NT to latest versions.

• PG Degree in Factories Act and Human Rights. And, an active member of Amenisty, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Make a Wish Foundation. I try to return to the same society I earn from.

My Career starts with initial jobs at top IT company Compaq at Mumbai Branch as Service Engineer. Latter, while attempting to get land abroad, in specific, Dubai, I came to know about an opportunity to be a part of Logistic Support Team having contract with ERM, Sao Paulo, Brazil. And thats how I landed in the harbour of Sao Paulo, then has been sent to Rio de Jenaerio where I spent three years and got enough experience to take the things on my own stride.
And when I returned back to India I’d made up my mind to set up my own business.

I started earlier with a small capital and I achieved because “I wanted my goal as much as I wanted to pee.” This quoted line has my whole philosphy of success. My dream was big, a sky to such a length I could see, and step by step, stumbling here and there, I started getting my pieces of that sky, which is still going on, and will remain continue unless I am dead.

I am into Tannery, Manufacturing to Export almost every Leather Goods: Footwear, Bikers’ Jackets, Tapestry, Furniture Covers, Car Interiors, Hand Bags, Wallets and Leather Rugs, Leather Shaggy, Dogs’ Bed and more.

Tufted Persian Carpets, Hand-Knotted Woollen and Luxurious Cashmere (Kashmiri) Silk Carpets, Pashmina, Home Decore, Car Interior, Apparel, Funishing, Saddlary, Glassware, and recently entered into the Import of Heavy Textile Weaving Machine, Artistically Leather Cutting/Stitching machinaries.

Honestly, I am a very complex man, who never even pretends to be a simple. ‘Megalomaniac’ might be correct word for me.

I’m one who never forgets nor forgives… who never trusts anybody other than himself.
Have very deep sense of ‘amour propré’ the self respect. If I Love… I Love beyond limitations. If I hate, I hate beyond imagination. My comfort zone is my office, my work place where I forget all but business I am made for.

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or can be reached at +91.9696565517 …and yes, people who spam me is shot dead, survivor is shot again.