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Allahabad: The Mystery of Twins!

Unanswered . . . We believe whatever phenomenon you name, it is by the grace of God. — Shabab Khan I am from Allahabad, my father and grand to forefather belong to this wonderful place of Sangam, where two lifelines … Continue reading

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THE TIMES OF INDIAHindi Publication To You With Love, —by Shabab Khan रोज की तरह ही उस दिन भी समीर अपने ऑफिस के दोस्तों के साथ लंच कर रहा था। लेकिन वह दिन उसके लिए कुछ खास था क्योंकि कुछ … Continue reading

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Lingchi !!

Despite outcry of Amnesty, Human Rights Activists protests against Death Penalty people are being administrated leathal injections, facing firing squad, beheading, hanging to strangulate… The last one is the process India follows to execute those involved in rare of the … Continue reading

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Being Indian!

It is indisputable. The life of a billion Indians is the slideshow — colourful, chaotic, cacophonous, and corrupt. GARAM MASALA We fling muck on the road and blame the government for it. We produce children faster than Japan produces cars. … Continue reading

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TRENDS: Childless Couples !!

So, you are married today, whats next? Ofcourse honeymoon. Huh, abé aagé ka kya? Family? Kids? Well, let a year or so pass without any sign of kid, and you’ll be sorry to get married. Some highly educated nuclear guys … Continue reading

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Delhi has a Reliever’s Museum ..!

Did it ever strike your mind that a place that relieves you of your tensions every morning has a long-drawn history behind it? Have you ever wondered who invented the toilet flush that dissipates your bodily waste with a gentle … Continue reading

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