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Lingchi !!

Despite outcry of Amnesty, Human Rights Activists protests against Death Penalty people are being administrated leathal injections, facing firing squad, beheading, hanging to strangulate… The last one is the process India follows to execute those involved in rare of the … Continue reading

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INDIA: Defensive Nuclear Power

India’s Nuclear Weapons: An Analysis !! Under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, India’s first nuclear test in1974 was called Operation Smiling Buddha-Peaceful Nuclear Explosion test carried out for civilian purpose. By 1998, second nuclear test was conducted under Prime Minister Mr. … Continue reading

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Made in India

We are a group determined to beat chinese, in global business dias. We started in 2000 with little assets, two employees to help. But honest willingness makes differnce …and next year we will touch 100 crores marks. We have built … Continue reading

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Attacking Dragon, Sleeping Tiger

Uncle Chang: Ready to utilize the Great Indian Election and the melodramatic events occuring day by day. One is young full of energy …educated …well travelled. Over 42 yrs of age he is given title like Amul Baby. Another is … Continue reading

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Would a Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderdrabad, Varanasi,Pune-style bomb blast have happened in a Chinese city? Or a 26/11? Or any of the scores of terror attacks that India has been subjected to over the years? Forget the fact that the Chinese … Continue reading

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