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Why Pederasty: A Woman Merely has two Vaginas.

Homosexuality in ancient Rome features in many literary works, poems, graffiti and comments on the sexual predilections of single emperors. Graphic representations are, on the other hand, rarer in ancient Rome than in classical Greece. Attitudes toward homosexuality changed over … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Streets of Shame!

A Street Kid is sleeping with a trucker in Peshawar. — Shabab Khan Pakistan is a strategically important Muslim nation. It’s a democracy and a nuclear power, that’s allied to the West in the war against terror. But Pakistan is … Continue reading

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Sex, Condoms and Pakistan

Let’s talk about sex, says Pakistani daily after condom ad is banned. An advertisement of a contraceptive brand was banned in Pak, for being “immoral” and contrary to religious norms. ISLAMABAD: The idea of sex itself is taboo in Pakistan, … Continue reading

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KASHMIR: Love, Lust and LoC!!

वह भारत के प्रथम प्रधानमंत्री और ब्रितानी हुकुमत के अन्तिम प्रतिनिधि वायसराय लुईस माउंटबेटन की खूबसूरत पत्नी एडविना थी जिनके बीच जो कुछ भी चल रहा था वह कभी कोई राज़ बनकर नही रहा। एडविना मांउटबेटन की पुत्री पॉमेला की … Continue reading

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PAKISTAN: Gun In One Hand and A Flower In The Other!

Doorway of Auditorium where 100 children were learning First Aid techniques when Taliban stormed in with their Kalashnikovs firing indiscriminately, incessantly… All one hundred students with school staff had been killed, remorselessly. FEATURED After the Taliban’s shocking assault on a … Continue reading

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A Secret Tunnel to Lahore!

Yes, I mean it. We have a secret tunnel, O-HO’ ye underground… right from the Military Occupied Area of Red Fort to Lahore via Akbar Fort (Allahabad), Jhansi Fort, Jodhpur, Bikaner. 120ft deep and 310ft wide, to transport tanks, bofors, … Continue reading

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INDIA: Defensive Nuclear Power

India’s Nuclear Weapons: An Analysis !! Under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, India’s first nuclear test in1974 was called Operation Smiling Buddha-Peaceful Nuclear Explosion test carried out for civilian purpose. By 1998, second nuclear test was conducted under Prime Minister Mr. … Continue reading

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