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सरायमीर आया डॉन अबु सलेम के पक्ष में, कहा संजय दत्त की तरह ही कोर्ट सलेम को भी देखे

आज टाडा अदालत नें अपना फैसला सुनाते हुए अबु सलेम और पॉच अन्य को दोषी करार दे दिया, जिसके बाद सलेम के पैतृक कस्बे सरायमीर में मातम छा गया। Continue reading

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NEWS: Eidgah Attacked Near Dhaka

​ Written by Shabab Khan| Updated: 07-July-2016| Twitter: @khantastix A police constable was killed in a bomb attack near the country’s largest Eid congregation in Sholakia, Kishoreganj, on Thursday. News agency AFP confirmed the death of the policeman, quoting the … Continue reading

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Imported Jihadist German Women !!

The German Women of Islamic State Written By Shabab Khan Updated: 25th June 2016. A German girl leaved the comfort of home, parents, friends and went Syria to join Islamic Jihadi. Much is known about men leaving Germany to take … Continue reading

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Radicalizing Western World

Islamic Extremist Women Use Social Media to Urge Western Women to Marry Jihadi Warriors. Written By: Shabab Khan | Posted on June 14, 2016 | New Delhi Editor’s Note: ISIS is trying to convince Western women to marry their Jihadi … Continue reading

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Too many protégés of big powers are selling that poison labelled ‘Your gunman is a terrorist, my gunman is a freedom-fighter’, and their mentors are buying into this fallacy. — Shabab Khan The terrorist assault on cities began in Mumbai: … Continue reading

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Are they Manipulating Our Judiciary?

…Daud Ibrahim, son of a police constable basically belongs to Dongri Area of Mumbai has ambition to be a bigger Don than the then Don Haji Mastaan. And, he did whatever it required, he secured Don’s kingdom but ironically lost … Continue reading

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Wonder Girl !!

Creativity is something not limited to some certain class, certain age or certain people. What really matter is its uniqueness. Meet Mayhem, a four year old girl, who is fast becoming popular as she designs paper version of celebrities dress. … Continue reading

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Dhooming Bikers !!

––– Now Dhooming Ahead So, you got your new sport bike today, and you are ready to go on a drive. But wait. Buying bike accessories is the next step after you buy a new bike. Gone are the days … Continue reading

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Saving Husband’s Money !!

––– Ladies, I know how important asset is your hair. Last week when I noticed 3200 INR for few haircuts in my wife’s credit card statement, I started researching on net and concluded with DIY. If you ever think of … Continue reading

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Let the Chase Begin !!

…VALENTINE’S BLUES! Hi Lailas and Majnus,How was your Valentine’s Day this year? Yes, I know you couldn’t enjoy even in this democracy. We all know that VDay stories these days, the people getting the most coverage in India seem to … Continue reading

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