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14 new Covid-19 positive cases reported in Varanasi

CITY Sanitisation drive being conducted in a niley declared hoptspot area in Varanasi on Sunday…   Varanasi: As many as 14 new positive cases of Covid-19 including 10 migrant labourers, three policemen and a woman sari trader were detected in … Continue reading

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Plotting Climate Change and Diarrhoea in Varanasi

Nidhi Singh, a researcher at Banaras Hindu University, wants to provide evidence on the link between climate change and the increase in vector-borne and other diseases in Varanasi. When I first arrived at the massive Banaras Hindu University (BHU), passing through its many temple-like faculty buildings, … Continue reading

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Cow’s Gall Bladder can Solve All Our Problems!

No, its not me who senselessly claims the booty in urine, whats the difference among human’s, lion’s, dolphin’s pee and Cow’s urine? Well, an Indian state of Gujarat produces Ninjas (who can use a swords), Flame Thrower (who can burn … Continue reading

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High Voltage Purification . . .

Science of Surprises!! — Shabab Khan Researchers have developed a system that uses an electric shockwave to extract salt and other impurities out of salty or contaminated water, and say it could be scaled up for use in desalination … Continue reading

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Saryu, Ganga & Yamuna| Immersion Aftermath

[ This is what we do not see. Holy River is suffering. ] — Shabab Khan The verdict of Allahabad High Court forced the Hindu Masses to dispense the Durga Idol in any one of the two ponds dug out … Continue reading

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Effects Of Idol Immersion On The Water Quality Parameters of Indian Water Bodies: Environmental Health Perspectives

“Why can’t we understand what Allahabad High Court has decided in regard to idol immersion in rivers like Ganges, Yamuna, Saryu, Kolar and southern northern lakes of Bangalore is logically based on several tests conducted by various toxicology depts., BHU, … Continue reading

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The Children and Teenagers British & Bros. Executed

Its all about Brits who consider themselves the most civilized people on planet. I enjoy opening the hidden hole in Englishmen’s pants. How brutal these ppl were, have a look. Continue reading

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––– Already heard a lot what humans’ eyes can do? But, below is what you still need to know. “Moral decisions can be manipulated by eye tracking.” SCIENCE OF SURPRISES: –– It used to be quite enigmatic. Now, it speaks … Continue reading

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Trickiest Questions of 2014

This year is fast heading toward its end, so its obvious to start picking out Top10s and Top20s of almost everything we are interested in, like: CEO TALES – Top5 Superhits films – Top5 Gross Earner Movies – Top5 Debut … Continue reading

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Brain Drain

How Scholarships or a financial aid is distributed? Who is benefited, meritorious students or OBC, SC/ST or other tag holders? Have a look. I had come across a datasheet recently containing report showing that 21 per cent of Indians discontinue … Continue reading

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