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An Oxymoron?

Shabab Khan| Current Affairs | New Delhi | Lucknow | Varanasi . . . Tolerance and Intolerance have slipped out of debate box, its on hunt, people are being lynched for a chunk of mutton in their fridge. Never in … Continue reading

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Is it Muslims’ Attempt to Appease Hindus ?

SOCIETY “. . . It happens in India, and it will keep happening again and again. We all know what is happening in our country is politically motivated… it is a conspiracy to encash religious sentiments. . .” — Shabab … Continue reading

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Too many protégés of big powers are selling that poison labelled ‘Your gunman is a terrorist, my gunman is a freedom-fighter’, and their mentors are buying into this fallacy. — Shabab Khan The terrorist assault on cities began in Mumbai: … Continue reading

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You Muslim !!

Ab aur kya chahiye? Kya PM bana den? Naam, Shohrat, Paisa ..sab kuchh mila tujhe, kya tum ehsaan nahi maante? O’you Muslim!! Controversial, Highly Sensitive, Outta Sensibility, Troublesome. When LK Adwani visited Jinnah’s Mazar during NDA rule, people took it … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was an IITian, having irresistible wish to involve in Social Work. Intention was to change the course of progress India was heading on. Our engineer luckily found a Retd. Army Major who once have beaten … Continue reading

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No Body No Crime

Nidhi and Dharmendra share the same Gotra. Young and defiant boys and girls in Haryana end up losing their life over the families’ sense of ‘honour’. A feudal mindset is pitted against the youth that is embracing modernity, and love. … Continue reading

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Delhi Darling Dixit’s Defeat

Sponsered:Launching Soon in New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Chandigarh. Losing to Kejriwal is like a Mosquito has bitten me, I slapped my face where it was sitting on the pretext of making the nation corruption free, but he … Continue reading

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Delhi Metro introduces Love Coach

घुम्मकड़ की डायरी Subhash Chowk St. during rush hour.     After the grand success of its move to allocate the first coach in all Metro trains to our lovely gals and ladies, the Delhi Metro Rail Corp. (DMRC), has announced that … Continue reading

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The Great Middle Class

     You know you’re Middle Class , when you read MENU from right to left.      Sometimes, Life becomes so witty that it makes me abstruse. They say, “Life always has a way to make people realize that everyone has a personal … Continue reading

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I Hate You !!

Online bullies or haters or saddists or some kinda physcoes are supposed to be extremely damaging. I know, I know. . . online haters and cyber bullies stink. But the reality is that they do exist and can become extremely … Continue reading

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