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एम्‍स मेडिकल एंट्रेंस एग्‍जाम 2017: टॉप 10 में 5 आपस में दोस्‍त, रचा इतिहास

कोटा में एम्स की तैयारी कर रहे पॉच दोस्त निशिता पुरोहित, हर्ष अग्रवाल, ऋषव राज, हर्षित आंनद, और अभिेषेक डोगरा 2017 के रिजल्ट में टॉप टेन में अपनी पोज़िशन लेकर आये है। यह पॉच नाम अब हर किसी की जुबान पर हैॉ। Continue reading

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Cooking is a Kinda Political Science !!

Bihar Board’s Art Topper Ruby Rai with her parents. —Written by: Shabab Khan Updated on 29-June-2016 06:00 The title I gave to this funny as well as tragic story will tickle you and hurt you as a true nationalist, you … Continue reading

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Too many protégés of big powers are selling that poison labelled ‘Your gunman is a terrorist, my gunman is a freedom-fighter’, and their mentors are buying into this fallacy. — Shabab Khan The terrorist assault on cities began in Mumbai: … Continue reading

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Just a Matter of Line!

Science of Surprises !! We, in India, spend good part of our life for what we call education, and we are also aware that most of the Indians study conventional subjects which is just not enough to get even a … Continue reading

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Language that makes us Laugh!

Well, I am not a teacher nor would I ever like to be, yet whenever I hear ‘I love her too much’ or ‘whatever they allowance is rubbish.’ Don’t you believe guys? You do, I know I am not an … Continue reading

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Common English mistakes Indians make !!

English can be a very tricky language. Here’s a list of very common mistakes we make. Scroll and learn with a bit of smile! 1. Myself < insert name here > If you’ve been a regular reader you’d probably know … Continue reading

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System to be Rebooted !

SOCIETY Instead of Community-based Reservation, Income-based Reservation should be adopted, like people in below poverty line, certain percentage should also be allotted for rural students. ~CRITERIA to get Benefited: Urgent Need or a tag of SC/ST/OBC. The current structure for … Continue reading

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Brain Drain

How Scholarships or a financial aid is distributed? Who is benefited, meritorious students or OBC, SC/ST or other tag holders? Have a look. I had come across a datasheet recently containing report showing that 21 per cent of Indians discontinue … Continue reading

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Life of Pee…

We encounter with this kinda cooking quite often. We all are surrounded by an army of weird people who make you smile, laugh, irritate with their stupidity. Out of them, let me pick out a special type of people for … Continue reading

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Minimum Age to Go Tipsy !

I have often wondered whether the age restriction on selling alcohol to the under 25’s in Delhi is good or bad. Apparently, there are many good reasons to support such a restriction. The strongest arguments in favour of the restriction … Continue reading

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