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Now Husainified !!

FEATURED SHER e’ ALLAH Honesty is the Best Policy! -Imam Ali (First Imam/Leader and a great Philosopher of Islam after Prophet Mohammad) * * * Kya Kya Jalwa Karbala Mein… Dikhaya Husain Ne; Pyaasé Reh Kar bhi… Lashkar-e’ Yazid Ke … Continue reading

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Difference between Shia and Sunni !!

The Shiites and Sunnis are the two main sects within Islam. A majority of Muslims are Sunni, but the Shiites make up about 25 to 30 percent of the Muslim population worldwide. ISLAM Although both sects worship the Prophet Mohammad … Continue reading

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Autopsy Report: RANJHANAA

Even before its release, my wife had fallen for Raanjhanaa as the promo on all the channels and social media like YouTube, Dailymotion, Uvclip had been pouring “pagalpan” of Kolavari Boy- ‘the flop song’. When she came back after watching … Continue reading

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Self Defence: Islamic Views & IPC

  What is self-defense?   What does Islam say about killing a person in self-defence? The act of killing a person and ending his/her life is the task of the judiciary.     No one can kill a person or end one’s life claiming … Continue reading

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