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यह शहर है हादसों का …

— शबाब ख़ान बेचैन हो उठना हमारा पल भर का सामूहिक-समाजिक बोध है। हरियाणा-पंजाब में फसलों के अवशेष जलाने से निकले धुएं नें दिल्ली पर धुंध की ऐसी चादर ओढ़ाई के गोया हम बेचैन हो उठे। सुर्खियाँ बनी। आम और … Continue reading

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An Oxymoron?

Shabab Khan| Current Affairs | New Delhi | Lucknow | Varanasi . . . Tolerance and Intolerance have slipped out of debate box, its on hunt, people are being lynched for a chunk of mutton in their fridge. Never in … Continue reading

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Is it Muslims’ Attempt to Appease Hindus ?

SOCIETY “. . . It happens in India, and it will keep happening again and again. We all know what is happening in our country is politically motivated… it is a conspiracy to encash religious sentiments. . .” — Shabab … Continue reading

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Veg Terrorism!!

— By Shabab Khan, Varanasi On the occasion of Id-ul-azha Shabab Khan highlights the travails of a non-vegetarian family in a predominantly vegetarian housing society in Mumbai. I had never encountered the ‘militant vegetarian’ attitude of some Mumbai housing societies … Continue reading

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Where is this peace?

The World and the Mankind is on the verge of doomsday, and we, or most of us, are watching the approaching apocalypse on one of the TV Channels. Our instincts to foresee the danger is already exhausted for too much … Continue reading

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Dreaded Bheeku Inc.

INDIA might have run out of manpower. India Inc might have all time low profits, so pink slips are croaching for vulnerable executives. The recession is fabricated, yet we have a sector, stoic in any type of slowdown, and it … Continue reading

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Gangs of Chauhatta Lal Khan

Homeless, Partially Paralyzed woman does not beg. SOCIETY VARANASI: Dhai Kangoora Masjid, Chauhatta Lal Khan… . . . Chauhatta Lal Khan is a Mohalla, named after a Sufi Baba (spiritual leader)- Lal Khan. Don’t let yourself confused with ‘Chauhatta’ (CHAO-HUT-taw) … Continue reading

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The Ravine [Concludes]

[PAGE 2/2] and, “what did he want? Car, cash, money?” and, “how did he slip into the car with power locks?” Doors could not be opened without my knowledge. “Drive Reverse.” I heard a deep voice as though somebody was … Continue reading

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Honor Killings in Muslim World ..

Honor Killings in Muslim world is far ahead than of people who do this in Haryana on the issue of Gotra. In India, Jat community of the state of Haryana has a kind of private judicial system, they call it … Continue reading

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Ram Leela: Sanjay Leela’s first Color Movie

 घुमक्कड़ की डायरी  VAGABOND’s  DIARY™ Wish Shakespere was alive to see Romeoism interlaced into vulgar combination of colors and Julietika’s sex appeal that makes our guy put his hand over the gun’s nozzle. Now I know why I don’t like … Continue reading

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