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महादेव और पुलिसदेव …

Bennet & Coleman’s Publication लखनऊ संस्करण  |  9.11.2015 — शबाब ख़ान (वाराणासी से स्टॉफ़ लेखक) वाराणासी: यह शिव नगरी है, महाश्मशान यहां की गंगा के किनारे प्राचीनकाल से है. हरीशचंद और मनिकर्णिका घाट… जहां हर समय, चौबीस घंटों के हर … Continue reading

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What We Expect from You Ladies !!

––– It doesn’t grow overnight, its like a craft which requires perfection. Every single strand must be taken care of, grooming, massaging, polishing, trimming… Well Ladies, I know you all love men with beard, but before you approach for one, … Continue reading

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Branded Revenge…

Recently with one of my posts Saving Husband’s MoneyI had raised my voice against my wife who had been found spending 3200₹ for haircut. Even I told her the way she could have tried to cut her own hair. “Am … Continue reading

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A Horrible Way to Avenge!!

–– Migraine Syndrome Generator. I must tell you guys, not everything that plays on the big screen is a movie. Neither does every piece (of shit, or otherwise) written about movies qualifies as a review. This isn’t a review for … Continue reading

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The War of the Words!

#Love Indispired Business is a game of matching wits, and we, the businessmen do it days and nights, while traveling in train or flight or car. In office, cafe, club, home, washroom, even in bedroom. We believe that the world … Continue reading

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Being Indian!

It is indisputable. The life of a billion Indians is the slideshow — colourful, chaotic, cacophonous, and corrupt. GARAM MASALA We fling muck on the road and blame the government for it. We produce children faster than Japan produces cars. … Continue reading

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The Limit of Indians’ Endurance!

Lost in Amazon for 11 days. Two survived. HUMAN ENDURANCE This blogpost is all about devotion, dedication and extreme grit of a man who had gone to such a length of endurance we can’t even imagine. Recently when he revealed … Continue reading

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My Dad-in-Law and his Temples!

HOLY DIP HINDUISM Yes! The title is genuinely appropiate, I should have taken it seriously when my father-in-law told me about it that “even gods don’t have any record of temples because”. I caught his sentence and completed it in … Continue reading

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Dreaded Bheeku Inc.

INDIA might have run out of manpower. India Inc might have all time low profits, so pink slips are croaching for vulnerable executives. The recession is fabricated, yet we have a sector, stoic in any type of slowdown, and it … Continue reading

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Common English mistakes Indians make !!

English can be a very tricky language. Here’s a list of very common mistakes we make. Scroll and learn with a bit of smile! 1. Myself < insert name here > If you’ve been a regular reader you’d probably know … Continue reading

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