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Baba Ramdev is Alive!! Whatsapp forward messages with images of Patanjali chief dead are false

This picture that have been attached to this story are actually from a accident in 2011 when Baba Ramdev was taken rushed to the hospital. By Shabab KhanDeath hoaxes and fake WhatsApp forwards have become the trend of the season … Continue reading

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फ़्येर सेक्स. . .

फ़्येर सेक्स मतलब महिलायें; क्या कहता ज्योतिष आधी दुनिया के बारे में. ज्योतिष शास्त्र में बहुत कुछ लिखा हुआ है वैसे ही ज्योतिष शास्त्र में स्त्रियों के आकार, प्रकार, उनके लक्षणों आदि के बारे में भी लिखा गया है। जानते … Continue reading

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Discrediting Gandhis !!

National Thermal Power Co-Operation at Uchahar in Rae Barrelliey, setup by Gandhis. NEW DELHI: Less than a year ahead of the assembly election in Uttar Pradesh, the Narendra Modi government is looking at relocating two projects announced by its predecessor … Continue reading

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Army Roped in for Jats

Army called in as Jat stir violence rocks Haryana, curfew in 2 districts — Shabab Khan “The draft Bill would be framed after taking suggestions and consultation with Jat leaders and all leaders of all the political parties,” said chief … Continue reading

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A Wahabi And A Sunni Muslim!

Since the beginning the Wahhabists are breaking Islam from the inside. The Founder, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab help Ibnu Saud with British weapons to rebel against the Ottoman Turk Islamic Empire. After that Turkey is weakening and the Palestine which … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Space?

US has decided to mine fast moving asteroids for minerals, specially uranium and plutonium. Continue reading

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Hide and Seek to Eat !

Science of Surprises Its long ago since I haven’t written Science of Surprises, but this morning I found a subject to work on. — Shabab Khan Autumn: Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as John Keats once wrote. But to … Continue reading

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O’Boy! I Can See Your Body Moving.

Sounds crazy? However it happens in random organization, specially if you are in your family business, and you took over after your dad. Here, you would be newbie whereas your underlings who are working with your organization since your father … Continue reading

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The Children and Teenagers British & Bros. Executed

Its all about Brits who consider themselves the most civilized people on planet. I enjoy opening the hidden hole in Englishmen’s pants. How brutal these ppl were, have a look. Continue reading

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Killing the Immortal Devil !

©SCIENCE OF SURPRISES! –– This is part of the on-going series on latest development, research, innovation in worldwide science scenario. Scientific Science ––– “to all those in suitable conditions must remember that Death is Imminent.” “This guy turned plastic back … Continue reading

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