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A Night with Cheegy Weegy !!

––– Sex is all about our own fantasies. We, the bloggers, (maasha allah… Bhagwan inko akkal de) have already written and debated about Pre Marital Sex. Glad to see our ladies’ debate on morality or immorality of Sex before Band … Continue reading

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Uncle Worst !!

Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán I choose him to write upon because of US, Brits’ habit, to make fun of India’s system. They made Slumdog Millionaire and, now India’s Daughter as they love to input derogatory shit into the minds of … Continue reading

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Branded Revenge…

Recently with one of my posts Saving Husband’s MoneyI had raised my voice against my wife who had been found spending 3200₹ for haircut. Even I told her the way she could have tried to cut her own hair. “Am … Continue reading

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