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एम्‍स मेडिकल एंट्रेंस एग्‍जाम 2017: टॉप 10 में 5 आपस में दोस्‍त, रचा इतिहास

कोटा में एम्स की तैयारी कर रहे पॉच दोस्त निशिता पुरोहित, हर्ष अग्रवाल, ऋषव राज, हर्षित आंनद, और अभिेषेक डोगरा 2017 के रिजल्ट में टॉप टेन में अपनी पोज़िशन लेकर आये है। यह पॉच नाम अब हर किसी की जुबान पर हैॉ। Continue reading

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Plotting Climate Change and Diarrhoea in Varanasi

Nidhi Singh, a researcher at Banaras Hindu University, wants to provide evidence on the link between climate change and the increase in vector-borne and other diseases in Varanasi. When I first arrived at the massive Banaras Hindu University (BHU), passing through its many temple-like faculty buildings, … Continue reading

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HAWALA: How it Works!!

–– the way they work. In my previous post about Hawala I had explained whats this most common term ‘Hawala’ is all about. Now, let me finish this topic with ‘How does a Hawala System Work?’ It is being given … Continue reading

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The Legendary Kashan !

In the carpet world, Kashan is used to describe a hand knotted Rug that usually contains a diamond-shaped medallion on a Shah Abbas field. Shah Abbas fields take their name from a Mogul ruler who significantly contributed to the rise … Continue reading

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No Eggs Please!!

HEALTH Pain in the stomach after eating eggs is most likely the result of an egg allergy. If the pain in the stomach is from an egg allergy other symptoms will accompany the pain, such as skin rashes, nasal congestion … Continue reading

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Uncut Remedy for Sore Throat

DIY FOR YOUR THROAT SYMPTOMS: Irritation, Itching kind of feeling, Choaking Throat with Mucus. A sore throat can be the first sign of a cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords, or an indication of something more serious (like … Continue reading

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Deadly Euphoria !

He was the only son of top politician and social figure. He never bothered himself, thinking about future, what he ever wished he got it. Sport car, imported bike, designer wardobe, prettiest girl friend, foreign vacations, and everything money could … Continue reading

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Minimum Age to Go Tipsy !

I have often wondered whether the age restriction on selling alcohol to the under 25’s in Delhi is good or bad. Apparently, there are many good reasons to support such a restriction. The strongest arguments in favour of the restriction … Continue reading

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Bigg Boss In DU Syllabus !!

Discovey Channel is making a documentary on the super success of Bigg Boss … In order to cater to the ever-increasing population of Voyeurs in India, Delhi University has announced a new graduation course which is being called Bachelors of … Continue reading

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Fiction: The Magician

FICTION/WP/009/2010/Shabab Khan The baby was delivered. This was always the instant glory, the miracle of a newly created life, red~faced and bawling. But not this baby. This baby was blue-white and dead-still. No pulse. No heart beat. She was a … Continue reading

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