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High Voltage Purification . . .

Science of Surprises!! — Shabab Khan Researchers have developed a system that uses an electric shockwave to extract salt and other impurities out of salty or contaminated water, and say it could be scaled up for use in desalination … Continue reading

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Allahabad: The Mystery of Twins!

Unanswered . . . We believe whatever phenomenon you name, it is by the grace of God. — Shabab Khan I am from Allahabad, my father and grand to forefather belong to this wonderful place of Sangam, where two lifelines … Continue reading

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Incredibly Strong !!

––Strongest Natural Material Scientists discover yet another strongest known natural material in the world. Science of Surprises Spider silk is pretty amazing. It has the tensile strength of a high-grade steel alloy, and about half that of the synthetic woven … Continue reading

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Natural Vs. Healthy

With the pressures of daily life today, health-conscious folks are trying to fuel themselves with the safest, most nutritious foods. But before you reach for that tempting-looking package of “natural” chow or Green Spinach, Broccolli, beware! In India, US and … Continue reading

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Tumbles Down in July

Let me wander north to the homestead, Way out further on there to roam, By a gully in flood let me linger, When the summery sunshine has flown, The farmers with sad hearts are watching, The rise of the stream … Continue reading

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Life in Leh

Seems Varanasi Ghats? No, its a colony, developed all over a hill by cutting rocks. Its a beauty. During my recent Laddakh visit, I realized dozens of time that I must have come here long ago. The cocktail of natural … Continue reading

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Uncut Remedy for Sore Throat

DIY FOR YOUR THROAT SYMPTOMS: Irritation, Itching kind of feeling, Choaking Throat with Mucus. A sore throat can be the first sign of a cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords, or an indication of something more serious (like … Continue reading

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Amazing Nature: Winners List & Gift Status

WINNERS & GIFT DELIVERY STATUS WEEK ContestAnswer Winners GiftsChoosen Sponser DespatchedOn CURRENTSTATUS 1 Blackberry Namrata Kumari, WB Black Leather/Denim Bag TopSHABABNoida 10.04.2014Invoice#: GS-14/1106No Commercial Value CourieredFW281-50462296Net Wt: 675gm 1 Blackberry Anshul Gautam, WB Brown Leather Wallet La Sallé 10.04.2014Invoice# GS-14/1110No … Continue reading

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Amazing Nature #2

For new readers, I would make it clear for their understanding that this is an attempt to take you little closer to Mother Nature and nothing else. We make it clear that there is no promotional program as we don’t … Continue reading

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Pieces of Akhilesh Yadav …

AKHILESH YADAV in plate Alphonso, Dashheri and Chausa are so passé. Next time you fancy sliced mango, you may want use the “Akhilesh” variety. A farmer in Uttar Pradesh has bred a new kind of mango and named it after … Continue reading

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