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High Voltage Purification . . .

Science of Surprises!! — Shabab Khan Researchers have developed a system that uses an electric shockwave to extract salt and other impurities out of salty or contaminated water, and say it could be scaled up for use in desalination … Continue reading

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Incredibly Strong !!

––Strongest Natural Material Scientists discover yet another strongest known natural material in the world. Science of Surprises Spider silk is pretty amazing. It has the tensile strength of a high-grade steel alloy, and about half that of the synthetic woven … Continue reading

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Humanity Restored !!

This Post will again Restore Your Faith In Humanity. People aren’t always awful. Sometimes, they’re, perhaps even just a little bit of wonderful. Let me share some picture with you guys that will assure you to stay hopeful for humanity … Continue reading

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Its Bloggers take now

Our planet is incredibly stuffed with everything to satisfy our taste buds. Nature gave us to eat, and nature gave us fire to cook. We have flowers to smell, herbs to cure ….Tea to get energized …and alcohal to go … Continue reading

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