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FDI in Retails can do wonders !!

WALMART is coming along with several others Retail Stores to sell Dal, Chawal, Aloo, Bhindi, Chicken, Meat, Water, Plier, Towel, Mens Underwear, Linen, Sugar, Soaps …on cheap rates and quality would be superb. With the strange advent of corporates backed … Continue reading

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The Magician [03 | the story continues ..]

[PAGE 03] * * * Juhi was the most exciting thing to hit Bollywood since Cinema scope. In a industry where everyone played the game of admiring the emperor’s clothes, Juhi used her tongue like a scythe. In a city … Continue reading

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India’s Nuclear Capability: An Analytical Approch

[PAGE 2] Pirthvi on Public Display States which try to secure their national security “must balance against any rival state that develops nuclear weapons by gaining access to a nuclear deterrent itself”. The ‘animus dominandi’ or the desire for power … Continue reading

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These innovative laptop cases are available in all TopSHABAB RETAIL throughout the India. We are exporting it to well reputed companies. Continue reading

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Energy in India !!

Several parts of India is sizzling in extreme heat condi- tions. Delhi’s power demand is touching near to 5000 MW even on Saturdays, when several offices are closed and home energy consumption puts pressure on the grid. With temperatures soaring … Continue reading

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Sharpening Your Decision-Making Skills

The ubiquitous phrase “go with your gut” validates the importance of intuition and instinct in leadership and decision-making. But it’s also true that discarding reason and experience in favor of hunches often results in bad business decisions. How Business and … Continue reading

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MONEY MAKING: Go for Corn instead of Gold

BUSINESS MINDS  You know what a chicken burger really is, don’t you? Corn upon corn upon corn, beginning with corn-fed chicken in the patty held together by corn starch and corn-derived food additives between buns containing high fructose corn syrup. … Continue reading

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Network Manager

TopSHABAB Retail Needs Network Manager . . . Urgent Requirement.

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Made in India

We are a group determined to beat chinese, in global business dias. We started in 2000 with little assets, two employees to help. But honest willingness makes differnce …and next year we will touch 100 crores marks. We have built … Continue reading

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Grazia Impression

WOMEN’s BEST SHOULDER BAG One of the most elegant leather bag for women … … …We gave an adjustable and detachable stripe in this bag to make it a shoulder bag ……. …at time just remove the chain and it … Continue reading

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