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High Voltage Purification . . .

Science of Surprises!! — Shabab Khan Researchers have developed a system that uses an electric shockwave to extract salt and other impurities out of salty or contaminated water, and say it could be scaled up for use in desalination … Continue reading

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Best Nudist Vacation Spots!!

. . . NUDISM IS TO EXPERIENCE TOTAL SOCIAL FREEDOM . . . —by Shabab Khan … Poor Justin Bieber just can’t get escape the eye of the paparazzi, having been spotted naked in Bora Bora. But there are places … Continue reading

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The Ugly Mirror: Sex Shops

Forced Prostitution: Yes! A very disgusting issue, this dark world is part of our society. Respectable people condemns them as if they go home to home, this society to that society to sell their bodies. No, our respectable men visit … Continue reading

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