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Incredibly Strong !!

––Strongest Natural Material Scientists discover yet another strongest known natural material in the world. Science of Surprises Spider silk is pretty amazing. It has the tensile strength of a high-grade steel alloy, and about half that of the synthetic woven … Continue reading

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Stop! Sky is Falling.

Is it better to walk or run in the rain? Science of Surprises!! You’ve forgotten your umbrella and it’s suddenly started pouring outside. Do you run and spend less time in the rain, but get hit by more raindrops on … Continue reading

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Just a Matter of Line!

Science of Surprises !! We, in India, spend good part of our life for what we call education, and we are also aware that most of the Indians study conventional subjects which is just not enough to get even a … Continue reading

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Being Indian!

It is indisputable. The life of a billion Indians is the slideshow — colourful, chaotic, cacophonous, and corrupt. GARAM MASALA We fling muck on the road and blame the government for it. We produce children faster than Japan produces cars. … Continue reading

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Give A Chance to Love

LOVE KNOWS NO BARRIERS …. A Girl Child eating fried grams, and feeding the same to her friend kid monkey; notable thing is that …the lil monkey is not a pet. It visits the “Chhamchham- the girl,” twice a day, … Continue reading

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The Magician [07 | unbelieveable hardship]

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