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Five Journalists Down, Several Attacked, Implicated (A Report by AIRA)

A SURVEY BY ALL INDIA REPORTERS’ ASSOCIATION —by Shabab Khan As we have just thrown the year 2015 into the history-bin India stands today at an awkward position having lost five journalists to assailants, which is higher than the death … Continue reading

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Saryu, Ganga & Yamuna| Immersion Aftermath

[ This is what we do not see. Holy River is suffering. ] — Shabab Khan The verdict of Allahabad High Court forced the Hindu Masses to dispense the Durga Idol in any one of the two ponds dug out … Continue reading

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––– Already heard a lot what humans’ eyes can do? But, below is what you still need to know. “Moral decisions can be manipulated by eye tracking.” SCIENCE OF SURPRISES: –– It used to be quite enigmatic. Now, it speaks … Continue reading

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Stop! Sky is Falling.

Is it better to walk or run in the rain? Science of Surprises!! You’ve forgotten your umbrella and it’s suddenly started pouring outside. Do you run and spend less time in the rain, but get hit by more raindrops on … Continue reading

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Entangled !!

We don’t need to tell you guys how annoying it is to find your headphones tangled every single time you take them out of your bag. We know you know. No, no this is not to give you a way … Continue reading

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Intercaste Marriage Unplugged !

You would think an intercaste marriage is one in which the two spouses are of different castes, or possibly subcastes. So why do people call a marriage intercaste when a Maharashtrian Brahmin from Mumbai marries a white guy from France? … Continue reading

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Why Am I so Passionate about Entrepreneurship?

Allow me to take down my opinion in short: “We are currently preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist, to use technologies that do not yet exist, to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems, yet!” … Continue reading

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The Magician [09 | the past arrives]

[PAGE 09] GOTO PAGE 1 to start Juhi was walking through the lobby toward the exit when she heard a man’s voice call, “KAJAL” and even as she turned, she knew who it was, and in a split second the … Continue reading

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India’s Nuclear Capability: An Analytical Approch

[PAGE 2] Pirthvi on Public Display States which try to secure their national security “must balance against any rival state that develops nuclear weapons by gaining access to a nuclear deterrent itself”. The ‘animus dominandi’ or the desire for power … Continue reading

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The Best Answer !!

Rain Dance Party at high pace.    Cawnpore Club organised A Funday for Half-of-the-World… the females, my wife who usually do not go club for recreation, she loves to lay flat infront of huge TV with master remote in her hand… … Continue reading

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