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Uncle Worst !!

Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán I choose him to write upon because of US, Brits’ habit, to make fun of India’s system. They made Slumdog Millionaire and, now India’s Daughter as they love to input derogatory shit into the minds of … Continue reading

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The Best Answer !!

Rain Dance Party at high pace.    Cawnpore Club organised A Funday for Half-of-the-World… the females, my wife who usually do not go club for recreation, she loves to lay flat infront of huge TV with master remote in her hand… … Continue reading

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Self Defence: Islamic Views & IPC

  What is self-defense?   What does Islam say about killing a person in self-defence? The act of killing a person and ending his/her life is the task of the judiciary.     No one can kill a person or end one’s life claiming … Continue reading

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Bullets …

No matter how advance hand gun you possess that will be useless unless you have appropiate rounds or ammo or bullets. Below is the link of my latest article, i tríed hard to pour as much as possible in non … Continue reading

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