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Cow’s Gall Bladder can Solve All Our Problems!

No, its not me who senselessly claims the booty in urine, whats the difference among human’s, lion’s, dolphin’s pee and Cow’s urine? Well, an Indian state of Gujarat produces Ninjas (who can use a swords), Flame Thrower (who can burn … Continue reading

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Best Nudist Vacation Spots!!

. . . NUDISM IS TO EXPERIENCE TOTAL SOCIAL FREEDOM . . . —by Shabab Khan … Poor Justin Bieber just can’t get escape the eye of the paparazzi, having been spotted naked in Bora Bora. But there are places … Continue reading

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AIDS Can be Cured in India !!

Pondicherry • Ahmadabad • Pune • Jammu • Bhopal • Patna • Allahabad • Lucknow • Kanpur • Varanasi 06.12.2015 • International/Tour • Issue: 335/78/2015 — Shabab “. . . Golden Triangle —Delhi, Jaipur and Agra was the places … Continue reading

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THE TIMES OF INDIAHindi Publication To You With Love, —by Shabab Khan रोज की तरह ही उस दिन भी समीर अपने ऑफिस के दोस्तों के साथ लंच कर रहा था। लेकिन वह दिन उसके लिए कुछ खास था क्योंकि कुछ … Continue reading

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Modi Turns Madonna!!

by Staff Writer — Shabab Khan It was pop king Michael Jackson who whenever stayed in a hotel’s luxury suite, he left his memory all around his suite. His autographs could be seen even on his own piece of shit. … Continue reading

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Veg Terrorism!!

— By Shabab Khan, Varanasi On the occasion of Id-ul-azha Shabab Khan highlights the travails of a non-vegetarian family in a predominantly vegetarian housing society in Mumbai. I had never encountered the ‘militant vegetarian’ attitude of some Mumbai housing societies … Continue reading

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It’s Called Life Sweetheart !

Story of 100 years old mink Continue reading

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What We Expect from You Ladies !!

––– It doesn’t grow overnight, its like a craft which requires perfection. Every single strand must be taken care of, grooming, massaging, polishing, trimming… Well Ladies, I know you all love men with beard, but before you approach for one, … Continue reading

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Amazing India !!

India through my lenses. Continue reading

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Begger Meets Begger

A Film’s title is supposed to give the idea of basic storyline. But, in Film Industries Bollywood, Hollywood or others are determine to be in spotlight. And, it is for film promo, publicity… Good or Bad intentionally or whatever some … Continue reading

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