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छात्रा को जिंदा जलाया अस्पताल में हुई मौत, बिहार के समस्तीपुर का मामला

परिवारवालो से बदला लेने के लिए नवीं क्लास की स्टूडेंट को केरोसीन डालकर ज़िन्दा जला दिया गया। Continue reading

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Media: One Journalist Down

A senior journalist and Siwan bureau chief of Hindi daily Hindustan was shot dead on Friday, the latest in a string of crimes that underline the deteriorating law and order situation in Bihar. A group of five criminals on motorcycles … Continue reading

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Crime Capital !!

What the hell is happening in the capital of crimes- Bihar. And why rest of the India don’t get news from Bihar. Are all those criminal activities being taken as ‘nothing new.’ We have seen worst condition in Prakash Jha’s … Continue reading

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Undoing Modi-fication

A goon killer like Modi who should have been hanged to death is now dreaming to become next Prime Minister of India. Its not only unfortunate but also fill mind and soul with extreme hatred. If it happens, India will … Continue reading

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