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महादेव और पुलिसदेव …

Bennet & Coleman’s Publication लखनऊ संस्करण  |  9.11.2015 — शबाब ख़ान (वाराणासी से स्टॉफ़ लेखक) वाराणासी: यह शिव नगरी है, महाश्मशान यहां की गंगा के किनारे प्राचीनकाल से है. हरीशचंद और मनिकर्णिका घाट… जहां हर समय, चौबीस घंटों के हर … Continue reading

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Har Har Mahadev to Arhar Mahadev ..!!

BANARAS … An ancient city, a sacred place every Hindu wants to be cremated in, oldest living civilization is now realising how big the mistake was as they voted out an outsider during last lok sabha elections. — Shabab Khan … Continue reading

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What We Expect from You Ladies !!

––– It doesn’t grow overnight, its like a craft which requires perfection. Every single strand must be taken care of, grooming, massaging, polishing, trimming… Well Ladies, I know you all love men with beard, but before you approach for one, … Continue reading

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Launch With Child Bear ..

Weird ? Yup …I know title makes no sense, literally. But, what I am gonna share with you is not nonsense, you’ll see. I am going to prove here, how a particular group of Indians are seeking the revenge from … Continue reading

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Life of Pee…

We encounter with this kinda cooking quite often. We all are surrounded by an army of weird people who make you smile, laugh, irritate with their stupidity. Out of them, let me pick out a special type of people for … Continue reading

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Sex Offender Registery !!

I would suggest the Delhi Govt to start an online Sex Offender Registery, where details of all Mukeshs with their photographs should be available for the public. Besides Name, Address, School …offenders crime details should be available for the society … Continue reading

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The Girls-Toilet’s MMS Maker !!

घुम्मकड़ की डायरी™ VAGABOND’s DIARY™ The guy should expand his horizen. He has talent, no doubt but his work should appear on wide screen, suggested the director. The DU student, who was booked recently for allegedly shooting video of a … Continue reading

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The Great Middle Class

     You know you’re Middle Class , when you read MENU from right to left.      Sometimes, Life becomes so witty that it makes me abstruse. They say, “Life always has a way to make people realize that everyone has a personal … Continue reading

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Expression On

OK, Its funny but we all give different expressions while throwing water on our face, and believe me …that expression makes the world roll on the floor. Try it and give yourself a chance to laugh. -Nikon

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