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Heart Stealer

All the citizens of that small town were together today, and busy in discussion with their tension-ridden face. They wanted the solution. But nobody seemed to have an idea and courage to stop what the hellish thing was happening with … Continue reading

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The Magician [15 | the betrayel…]

[PAGE 15] Click to begin… As Jill looked at him now, staring into those eyes blazing with loathing, she could feel the waves of abhorrence hitting her like physical blow. Juhi stared into those eyes, and she remembered the broken … Continue reading

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The Magician [09 | the past arrives]

[PAGE 09] GOTO PAGE 1 to start Juhi was walking through the lobby toward the exit when she heard a man’s voice call, “KAJAL” and even as she turned, she knew who it was, and in a split second the … Continue reading

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The Magician [03 | the story continues ..]

[PAGE 03] * * * Juhi was the most exciting thing to hit Bollywood since Cinema scope. In a industry where everyone played the game of admiring the emperor’s clothes, Juhi used her tongue like a scythe. In a city … Continue reading

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Fiction: The Magician

FICTION/WP/009/2010/Shabab Khan The baby was delivered. This was always the instant glory, the miracle of a newly created life, red~faced and bawling. But not this baby. This baby was blue-white and dead-still. No pulse. No heart beat. She was a … Continue reading

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Blood Runs Cold: A Spine chilling true story

* This happened in Khandala Ghat near Lonavala during the last monsoon. Vivek was driving from Bombay to Pune and decided not to take the new expressway as he loved adventure, and he wanted to see the scenery along the … Continue reading

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“I Will be Yours”…

I wondered aimlessly. I didn’t think. Thinking took too much effort and the thoughts it created were not worth venturing down quite yet. I just walked because that was all I could do. My phone was in my pocket and … Continue reading

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