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NEWS: Eidgah Attacked Near Dhaka

​ Written by Shabab Khan| Updated: 07-July-2016| Twitter: @khantastix A police constable was killed in a bomb attack near the country’s largest Eid congregation in Sholakia, Kishoreganj, on Thursday. News agency AFP confirmed the death of the policeman, quoting the … Continue reading

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Radicalizing Western World

Islamic Extremist Women Use Social Media to Urge Western Women to Marry Jihadi Warriors. Written By: Shabab Khan | Posted on June 14, 2016 | New Delhi Editor’s Note: ISIS is trying to convince Western women to marry their Jihadi … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Streets of Shame!

A Street Kid is sleeping with a trucker in Peshawar. — Shabab Khan Pakistan is a strategically important Muslim nation. It’s a democracy and a nuclear power, that’s allied to the West in the war against terror. But Pakistan is … Continue reading

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Too many protégés of big powers are selling that poison labelled ‘Your gunman is a terrorist, my gunman is a freedom-fighter’, and their mentors are buying into this fallacy. — Shabab Khan The terrorist assault on cities began in Mumbai: … Continue reading

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Attacking Dragon, Sleeping Tiger

Uncle Chang: Ready to utilize the Great Indian Election and the melodramatic events occuring day by day. One is young full of energy …educated …well travelled. Over 42 yrs of age he is given title like Amul Baby. Another is … Continue reading

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